Air-to-air heat pump installation

Air-to-air heat pump installation

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A typical air-to-air heat pump installation includes the following:

— Installation of the indoor unit to a height of up to 2.5 m

— Installation of the outdoor unit to a height of up to 1.5 m above the ground

– Connecting pipe and electric cable between indoor and outdoor units up to 5 m

- Wall mount for outdoor unit, vibration protection, rubber grommets and installation

- Plastic box for pipes / wires up to 2 m, plug for the hole, condensate drain hose

– Passing through one (up to 50 cm thick) wall. In addition to reinforced concrete, rubble stone, flagstone, red brick, etc. (at extra charge)

– Brief training, i.e. familiarization with the main functions of the device

– Consumables for standard installation

– Device testing

– The power supply must be near the external part brought by the customer (if necessary, the installer will do it for an additional fee)

If necessary, for an additional fee (the need and cost of additional materials are determined by the installer in agreement with the customer):

- Ground frame for the outdoor unit, stone slabs under the frame

– Condensation pump, sewerage connection, water trap

– Longer pipes, longer duct, corners, gaskets, bellows

- Laying the power cable to the device (if it is not near the indoor or outdoor unit)

– Installation of an automatic switchboard and cabling to the device

– Adding refrigerant

- Using the lift

– Diamond drilling – reinforced concrete, rubble, flagstone, red brick, etc.

Payment of additional work to the installer on place.

Important! The customer is responsible for matching the available power input. If necessary, the client must have an agreement with the owner of the house / cooperative / municipality.

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