Water heater Thermex IF 50V Comfort WiFi

Water heater Thermex IF 50V Comfort WiFi

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Wi-Fi function by Thermex Home App

Inner tank:  enamel

Installation type: vertical

Rated power:  2.0kw (0.7 + 1.3)

Voltage:  230 (220/240) v

Water connection size:  1/2 inches

Includes safety valve, power-line cord, mounting anchors

Warranty 2 Years

The outside casing of the EWH is made of impact-resistant plastic. Inner tanks have a special bio-glass-porcelain coating reliably protecting the inner surface against chemical corrosion. 

The space between the outside casing and the inner tank is filled with polyurethane foam - a modern, ecologically clean thermal insulation, which has the best heat-saving characteristics. 

IF (comfort) Wi-Fi models have two screwed nozzles: for inlet of cold water with a blue ring and for outlet of hot water — with a red ring, and equipped with an additional drain connection (closed with metal plug button) for draining the water and flushing the inner tank.

The control panel, in all models, is on the front side of the EWH. 

Tubular heating element, thermostat and thermal switch sensors are mounted on the removable flange. The heating element is used to heat water and thermostat provides with possibility of heating temperature regulation up to +65°С. 

All models have electronic control with sensor adjustment. Electronics maintain automatically water temperature at the level set by the user. The thermostat is used for protecting against EWH overheating, which disconnects the heating element from power supply when water temperature exceeds 95°С.

Electronic control board

1 – LCD display, 

2 – button «▲» Temperature control / increasing the heating temperature, 

3 – button «▼» Temperature control / decreasing the heating temperature, 

4 – button «on/off» / switch on/switch off, 

5 – button «Heating mode» / setting the heating power, 

6 – “No Frost” mode indication, 

7 – indication «Economy» / minimum power, 

8 – indication «Optimal» / conventional power, 

9 – indication «Turbo» / maximum power, 

10 – Wi-Fi feature.

For control from a mobile device water heater has Wi-Fi function.

1. Install app “Thermex Home” from GooglePlay or AppStore. Create an account.

2. On water heater panel press and hold buttons 2 and 3 together. Appears Wi-Fi indication.

3. In application “Thermex Home”:

• click Add Device

• from the drop list, select Water Heater

• next follow the instructions of application.


• make sure Wi-Fi function is enabled on your mobile device

• make sure you are connected to the Internet

• or contact your provider.

*Δt°=45°C  (≈20°C+45°С=≈65°C)

Manufacturer Thermex
Capacity, L 50
Type of instalation Vertical
Heating element Normal (not dry)
Control Digital

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