Air Conditioner Midea BLANC Inverter 12

Air Conditioner Midea BLANC Inverter 12

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Enjoy comfortable coolness everywhere

- Suitable for domestic air conditioning and server room cooling

- WiFi controller

- Auto restart

- Winter equipment (outdoor fan speed controller)

- The inner part is suitable for both mono and multi outer parts.

- Air damper position memory

- R32


iECO mode, significant energy savings over eight hours

The air conditioner uses iECO energy-saving technology, whose highly efficient inverter system ensures perfect interaction. You can enjoy comfortable coolness with a significant reduction in power consumption for more than eight hours.

Operating mode: proactive power management
Midea Blanc allows you to use three containers:
50%, 75% and 100%, which allows you to adjust the energy consumption as desired.

The simple and streamlined look caresses the eye like a soothing rhythm to the ear. She is like a pure and flawless ocean wave, gentle and graceful.
This is a work of art with the air outlet and display artfully hidden.

Powerful airflow for fast cooling at the push of a button
The subcooling function of the Midea Blanc air conditioner can be activated with one touch. A very fast fan quickly cools the room down to 17°C with stronger airflow.

  • "Do not mix" mode provides a serene rest
When Do Not Blend is activated, Blanc switches to a muted mode where the LED is off and the blower is low for quiet.
  • Follow me” sensitive ambient cooling
The "Follow me" function always creates a feeling of comfort by automatically adjusting the air conditioner to the ever-changing ambient temperature.

  • Smart cooling "Sweet sleep" ensures deep sleep
"Sweet sleep" provides sound sleep by adjusting the air conditioner to the temperature of the human body.

Double cleaning system
Midea air conditioner's dual filters protect against harmful particles while maintaining health.
  • First Defense
The dust filter filters out dust and harmful particles from indoor air.
  • Second defense
The cold catalyst filter absorbs harmful particles such as formaldehyde and ammonia.

Automatic self-cleaning
The cooling bands are cleaned and dried automatically to provide always fresh air to breathe and prolong the life of the air conditioner.

Diamond polished periphery

The Archimedean screw air outlet and bionic fan reduce the noise generated by the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. The T-shaped top cover ensures the stable operation of the internal parts and the durability of the power system.

Air heat pumps
Manufacturer Midea
Sound pressure level, outdoor unit, dB (A) 56
Suitable for cooling a room up to, m2 50

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