Air heat pump Cooper&Hunter Arctic 12 WiFi

Air heat pump Cooper&Hunter Arctic 12 WiFi

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Energy-saving equipment of efficiency class A +++ – Generation IV type. Saves up to 40% energy!


  •  Domestic heat pump. Adapted to work on heat in northern countries;
  • Temperature range of effective work from – 25 ° С to + 48 ° С;
  • Ozone-safe high-performance R32 freon;
  • Home frost protection + 8 ° C; The air conditioner will maintain a temperature of 8 ° C, preventing freezing of the room and using a minimum of electricity;
  • A special algorithm of work that ensures stable and efficient operation at negative temperatures outside, heating the compressor and the sump, an outdoor unit fan speed regulator;
  • The highest class of energy efficiency. Energy-saving equipment type A +++ Class Energy Efficiency – GENERATON V;
  • “CH 7-SKY Technology” – a complex filtration system based on seven filters of a wide spectrum of action Stylish LED display on the panel of the indoor unit.
  • Turn on / off the display with the remote control;
  • SLEEER comfortable sleep mode (several options for manual settings)
  • Intelligent control in AUTO mode – automatic change of operating modes depending on changes in room temperature;
  • 24-hour timer on and off;
  • Delay in starting the fan to prevent cold air from blowing in heating mode;
  • Remote control germicidal coating;
  • Left-right airflow direction from the remote control;
  • Heat exchangers with anti-corrosion coating GREEN – FIN;
  • Autorestart – Automatic restart function with memory settings;
  • Intelligent anti-icing system;
  • Forced on / off defrosting from the remote control;
  • Voltage stabilization and safe low-voltage start system;
  • Self-diagnosis of malfunctions of the main blocks and modes;
  • Control lock.

5-year warranty (In case the pump is serviced annually for 5 years)

Standard installation information: here

Air heat pumps
Effective up to °C -25
As additional heating is suitable for room up to m2 50
Manufacturer Cooper&Hunter
Cooling energy class A++
Heating energy class A+

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