Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Electrolux EHU – 3615D White

Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Electrolux EHU – 3615D White

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Maintain the correct humidity in your home with the stylish and modern Electrolux EHU-3615D/3610D GlossLine Air Humidifier.
The device has a high productivity up to 500 ml / h, which quickly creates a useful microclimate in the room, saturating the air with life-giving moisture.
You can now more precisely adjust the evaporation rate - the Electrolux GlossLine humidifier has 7 Seven Steps evaporation rates, which allows you to individually adjust the amount of steam supplied to the room.

The humidifier has rich functionality: Smart-modes (children's, night, automatic), pasteurization of water in the "warm steam" mode, a timer for 12 hours, air ionization, a remote control included.

The Electrolux EHU-3615D/3610D GlossLine humidifier is equipped with a combined HEPA + Carbon filter, which includes a HEPA filter that traps the smallest particles, including allergens, and a carbon filter that neutralizes unpleasant odors.
In the season of outbreaks of colds, the aromatization regime will be indispensable: just a few drops of the essential oil recommended by your doctor will create an inhalation effect and help strengthen the immune system.
The main
Warranty period - 24 months
Body color - White
Capacity (internal volume) - 5.3 L
Country of origin - PRC
Effective for rooms up to - 30 m2
Scope - Home appliances (for home use)
Max. water consumption - 0.5 l / h
Max. power consumption, W - 110 W
Number of modes - 5
Night Mode - Yes
Air ionization function - Yes
Alarm function - No
Air aromatization function - Yes
Protection and safety
Protection against inclusion without water - Yes
Antibacterial tank coating - No
Fault Self-Diagnosis System - No
Protection of control buttons from children - No
Strong Tilt or Roll-over Emergency Shutdown - Yes
Automatic shutdown at low water level - Yes
The principle of air humidification used - Humidification due to vibrations of the ultrasonic membrane
Power supply voltage - 220
Mains cable with plug - Yes
Weight and dimensions of goods
Product weight (net) - 2.92 kg
Overall dimensions of the product (H * W * D) - 0.35 * 0.23 * 0.22 m
Pre Filter - Yes
Water softening filter cartridge included - Yes
Silver rod for water disinfection included - No
Remote control included - Yes
Control from a mobile application via Wi-Fi - No
On timer - No
Real Time Setting - No
Shutdown Timer - Yes
Built-in hygrostat - Yes
Adjusting the value is relative. humidity - Yes
Control type - Touch
Interior lighting - Cabinet lighting
Indication rel. humidity (near the device) - Yes
Digital Display - Yes
Power on indication - Yes
Display Backlight - Yes
Water Tank Illumination - Yes

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