Air heat pump Midea BreezeleSS+ 09 WiFi

Air heat pump Midea BreezeleSS+ 09 WiFi

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NEW Air source heat pump Midea BreezeleSS +

Indoor units of the BreezeleSS + series are equipped with TwinFlap double deflectors (blinds) with an air vent and 7928 mini-holes for uniform dispersion of cool air. BreezeleSS + is the first and so far the only air conditioner with side air vents. These S-shaped vents work with the front louvers to provide optimal air flow through the heat exchanger and improve dispersion.

  • Thermal efficiency A +++
  • Windless air distribution effect
  • Extremely quiet (21 dB)
  • Multifunctional control panel and the ability to control via the Internet
  • Outdoor unit dusting mode
  • The only air conditioner with side air vents
  • Stylish fashionable indoor and outdoor unit design

World's 1st TwinFlap™ with Mini-holes

No more icy blasts of wind. With an outer and an inner flap, you can choose exactly how soft you want the breeze to be. The double deflectors can evolutionarily deflect, bent, and scatter the cold airflow, offering multiple levels of softness of cooling.

Consisting of 7928 Mini-Holes can remove the wind. Magically

All 7928 micro-holes on the two deflectors are designed to soften the cool air, where the cool air current passes through and transforms into thousands of unnoticeable tiny strings of air that breezelessly drop the room temperature.

The World Exclusive

Scatter and disperse the air through the matrix of holes in the most delicate way.

Hourglass-Shaped Structure

Brings you a pure pleasantly cool environment

All-New Rapid Cooling

Cool your space in the Boost Mode

Thanks to the high-speed fan and powerful compressor

Ultra-Wide Deflector Angle Ultra-High Fan Speed

With a 70mm–wide front outlet opening and a high-speed cross-flow fan wheel, the all-new BreezeleSS+ cools down your room in an unbelievable speed.

High-frequency Racer Tech Of Inverter Quattro™

Inspired by the power and robustness of a race car engine, the inverter compressor applied in the BreezeleSS+ goes from 0–65Hz in 6 seconds and maintains steady performance once it gets there. As the heart of the BreezeleSS+, the Inverter Quattro™ allows it to offer powerful cooling performance like never before.

The S-Wing Design

The S-shaped side outlets redefine the possibility of AC design.

The side outlets on the wings allow more cool air to circulate in your space not just from the front, letting the windless cool surround and reach every corner of the space.

20 dB Ultra-Quiet Operation

Better life. Sweeter dreams.

The all-new aerodynamic design of the air duct and fan lets cool air pass through smoothly with minimal friction, resulting in operating noise as low as 20dB. That's as much noise as a growing flower makes. With BreezeleSS+, stay cool, calm, and serene deep into the night.

Versatile App-based Smart Functions

The MideaAIR app is far more than a digital remote control for your air conditioner: it lets you turn on your AC away from home, control the humidity level between 30%–90%. It also automatically cleans the AC's interior, and is able to program a smart climate curve while you are asleep.

A+++ Cooling Efficiency

iECO mode: ultra-low energy consumption, all night long

Thanks to smart algorithm control from the inverter's micro-chip, Midea BreezeleSS+ can work stably at an ultra-low frequency for up to 8 hours. With SEER as high as 8.5, you can rest assured with BreezeleSS+'s great energy efficiency.

Flexible Deflectors Manipulation Design

Collaborative adjustment of the BreezeleSS+'s TwinFlap™ creates flexible, sensitive cooling that adapts to your needs.

Select from airflow modes between gentle and very gentle with the changing, angled double deflectors for yourself and each member of your family. You can enjoy the cool even without a noticeable breeze at all.

Midea BreezeleSS + technical parameters

Standard installation information: here

Air heat pumps
Effective up to °C -25
As additional heating is suitable for room up to m2 70
Manufacturer Midea
Cooling energy class A+++
Suitable for cooling a room up to, m2 40
Heating energy class A+++

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