Starting from the 7th month - the usual rate, which you will see in the credit offers.


 Montonio financing: one credit application - multiple offers

Pay for your purchase by using Montonio financing. You will receive multiple credit offers with just one credit application! Add your product to your shopping cart and choose Montonio financing as the payment method. Choose the suitable payment period and fill out the credit application. Sign the agreement without leaving the store. 

Financing terms:

·         Financed amount 60 - 10 000 EUR

·         Period 3-60 months

·         Annual interest rate from the purchase amount starting from 0%, during the credit period up to 6 months. From the 7th month of the credit plan, you will be offered the usual interest rate, which you will see in the offer.


Financing intermediation is provided by Montonio Finance OÜ. Monthly payment 83,33 €, the annual rate of charge 0% on the following sample conditions: financed amount 500€, down payment 0€, loan period 6 months, annual interest rate from the purchase amount 0%, contract fee 0€, loan maintenance fee 0€ per month. Total repayable amount 500 €. Consult a financial advisor if needed.