Monoblock ECOPOWER R290 Cooper&Hunter

Monoblock ECOPOWER R290 Cooper&Hunter

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The new C&H ECOPOWER R290 devices are the "Premium" versions of the EVIPOWER series. They are created using the latest technology used in heat pumps. They meet stringent requirements for efficiency, stability and noise levels. The ECOPOWER R290 series uses R290 (GWP = 3) as refrigerant, which is 30% more efficient than the previously used refrigerant, and also has EVI DC INVERTER compressors. The combination of the R290 with DC inverter technology allows the heat pump to achieve an outlet temperature of up to +75 degrees.

- R290 - as a friendly refrigerant. GWP=3

- SCOP (+35°С) = 5.15 per 15 kW

- Very quiet operation. Only 44 dB(A) for 15 kW

- The shell is made of high quality ABS plastic and is highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring a long service life.

- Energy efficiency class +++

- Outlet temperature up to +75°C

- Possibility to control up to 3 heating circuits with circulation pumps (expandable to 5)

- Wi-Fi (optional with Smart Pro 360 controller)

- Possibility of cascading up to 5 pcs. (As a standard, up to 3 heating circuits can be controlled. It can be extended with an additional module, which allows the control of up to 5 heating circuits.)


- Easy maintenance

Component replacement and equipment maintenance made easy.

- Auto restart function

In the event of a power failure or loss of power, the unit remembers the last settings and automatically returns to these settings when it resumes operation.

- Wide temperature range

The unit operates in a wide range of voltages and powers, which significantly reduces the effect of ambient temperature.

- R290 Propane

Propane as a refrigerant

Comfort and health

- Gold-plated capacitor fins

Anti-corrosion gilded lamellas last 3 times longer than usual.

- High performance

The pump is developed for achievement of high efficiency and economy in use.

- Silent function

The unit runs quieter thanks to the reduced fan speed and automatic tuning.

- Convenient night mode

With this option, the user can significantly reduce the noise level during sleep by setting the fan speed to low.

- Watch

The current time can be displayed on the remote control.

- WiFi function

Optional with optional Smart Pro 360 controller

- Energy efficiency class +++

- Auto mode

- Hotel card function (optional)

- Changes from °F to °C

Design elements

- DC inverter

- Compact design

The smaller size of the device makes it easier to install and transport, as well as reduce maintenance costs.

- Operation at low temperatures

Efficient operation at low outdoor temperatures

- External electric heater (option)

Ability to control an additional electric heater


- Self-diagnosis

Device malfunctions are displayed on the display with error codes, which makes it easier to diagnose their causes.

- Low voltage start

The unit starts up safely with reduced voltage

- Safety

The device is equipped with many features to ensure reliable operation.

- Wide voltage range

The device operates over a wide voltage range, which reduces the impact of voltage fluctuations on device performance.

- Intelligent defrost system

If necessary, the device defrosts itself, thereby increasing the heating efficiency and saving energy.


- Weekly timer

The device can be programmed for any on/off time for each day of the week separately.

- Timer 24

- Keypad lock

This function allows you to lock the buttons on the remote control, for example, from children.

- Central control

The ability to control the device from a distance

- Remote monitoring (option)

The ability to control the device from a distance.

- Cascading work

Cascade mode possible

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