Kitchen faucet two-in-one Aquaphor С126

Kitchen faucet two-in-one Aquaphor С126

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Stainless steel kitchen faucet for purified drinking and tap water

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Mixer body

All mixers are completely made of food stainless steel SUS 304. High environmental friendliness of mixers. Only the most reliable components. Practical stainless steel surface (does not leave fingerprints on the surface).

Design and technical parameters

Traditional Scandinavian faucet design. The high spout provides maximum ease of use. The increased turning radius of the mixer is 180 degrees. Stainless steel inner tube. Easy to install on any surface.


A unique aerator with a delimitation of the flow of tap and drinking water. Drinking water after cleaning moves through a separate stainless steel tube to an aerator with a separate outlet.

Flexible eyeliner

SoftPEX hose for connecting the faucet to tap water. Flexible hose made of cross-linked polyethylene with a stainless steel braid. There is no material aging effect. Service life more than 30 years. Two o-rings provide an additional guarantee against leaks.


High-quality ceramic plates serve well in contaminated water and unstable temperature pressure.

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