Air heat pump Daikin Comfora - FTXTP-K 35

Air heat pump Daikin Comfora - FTXTP-K 35

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NEW Daikin Comfora FTXTP-K air-to-air heat pump
Wall-mounted air-to-air heat pump that guarantees high efficiency and comfort even when the outdoor temperature drops to -25 degrees.

Why choose a Comfora air-to-air heat pump?
Laconic design and compact size
Daikin Comfora air-to-air heat pumps are very economical and have an energy efficiency class A ++. With the Daikin web app, you can control your equipment from anywhere in the world. Comfora series air-to-air heat pumps operate remarkably quietly. Have the fun of being at home without having to compromise!

An air to air heat pump suitable for any home
The compact size of the unit makes it ideal for renovation projects, especially for installation above the door
Seasonal Efficiency Values: Full A ++ Range in Cooling and Heating Mode
Guaranteed thermal power at low outdoor temperatures down to -25 degrees
Compact and fashionable wall-mounted air-to-air heat pump

Start saving today!
With the Daikin Comfora air-to-air heat pump you:
save on energy bills
think about the environment
take care of your family's health and well-being

Top notch technology and energy efficiency
Daikin continually develops innovative, environmentally friendly and most efficient heat pump technologies to achieve the best energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.
Daikin Bluevolution technology uses R32 refrigerant, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to competitors.
Daikin once again proves its leadership in providing the best heating solutions, as well as in respect of the environment.

Technical parameters of Daikin Comfora air-to-air heat pump

Fan speed modes

   - Allows you to select the fan speed up to the set parameter.

Working range down to -25 ° C

   “Daikin equipment is suitable for any climate and thanks to its operating range of -25 degrees, it works even in the harshest conditions.

Economy mode

   - Reduces current consumption, so you can switch on other high-consumption electrical appliances. This feature is also energy efficient.

Network controller using the app

   - Control the indoor unit using the app via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Fan only

   - The equipment can be used as a fan that blows air without heating or cooling it.

Night mode

   - Saves energy and prevents the air from cooling or heating up excessively at night.

Powerful mode

   - Powerful mode can be selected for rapid heating or cooling; at the end of the powerful mode, the device returns to the previous mode.

Comfort mode

   - Provides air flow without strong draft so that warm or cold air does not blow directly onto the person.

Silent operation of the indoor unit

   - The Silent button on the remote control reduces the noise level by 3 dB (A).

Automatic changeover between cooling and heating modes

   - Automatically selects heating or cooling mode according to the set temperature.

Automatic fan speed

   - To reach or maintain the set temperature, the system automatically selects the required fan speed mode.

Dry program

   - Allows you to lower the humidity level without changing the room temperature.

Energy saving in standby mode

   - Power consumption is reduced in standby mode by about 80%. If the sensor does not detect the presence of a person within 20 minutes, the system automatically switches to power saving mode.

Automatic vertical change of direction

   - Allows you to select the automatic vertical change of louver grille to make indoor air cooling more efficient.

Titanium Apatite Deodorizing Filter

   - The filter removes dust particles, harmful organic chemicals, bacteria, viruses and allergens, and neutralizes odors such as tobacco or pets.

24 hour timer

   - Allows you to program the start of work at any time within 24 hours.

Remote control with cable

   - Starts, stops and regulates the air conditioner.

Remote control with infrared port

   - Starts, stops and controls the air conditioner from a distance.

Automatic reboot

   - The equipment restarts after a power failure automatically with factory settings.


   - Simplifies maintenance by showing system errors or malfunctions.

Technical parameters of Daikin Comfora air-to-air heat pump

Air heat pumps
Effective up to °C -30
As additional heating is suitable for room up to m2 110
Manufacturer Daikin
As main heating is suitable for room up to m2 65
Cooling energy class A++
Heating energy class A++

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