Replacement filter A5H Antiscale Aquaphor

Replacement filter A5H Antiscale Aquaphor

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Replacement filter A5H Antiscale Aquaphor

The AQUAPHOR A5H filter is specifically designed for softening hard water and active scale prevention.

It also reduces the annoying taste and odour of chlorine, filters out sediment, colloidal iron, heavy metals (lead, etc.), organic compounds, remnants of drugs, pesticides and other dangerous matter that may appear in tap water.

AQUAPHOR A5H contains more filtration media. Combined with a micropore cap on top, the filter demonstrates extended filter life of 350 litres. A5H works effectively against dissolved contaminants even in water with visible signs of rust, sand or silt.

A5H type fits all AQUAPHOR filter jugs with B5 cartridge type.

Limescale prevention - reduces limescale

Removes chlorine - yes

Filter life, L - 350

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