Water softener Aquaphor S550

Water softener Aquaphor S550

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Small cabinet softener with deferrization and manganese removal function

The compact size of the filter allows you to install it even in the apartment!

  • Saving detergents, soft fabrics after washing
  • Extends the life of the water heater and ensures its trouble-free operation
  • Shiny hair, healthy and beautiful skin
  • Ultra-compact, versatile, economical and reliable 2 in 1 water filtration system for softening and iron removal. Designed to remove iron (at a concentration of up to 10 mg/l), hardness salts and pre-filtration of particles up to 20 microns in diameter.

The unique design of the tank and the smallest granules of ion-exchange resin in the fill give the system the ability to operate quietly, quickly and very economically. The consumption of salt and water for regeneration is much lower than in classic column-type water softeners. The filler itself does not require frequent replacement and lasts 10 times longer than in conventional columns.

All this makes the performance of the Aquaphor S550 the most attractive in the market of such systems, and the total cost of ownership is very favorable.

Removes from water:

• Dissolved iron (up to 10 mg/l)

• Hardness salts (up to 24 meq/l)

• Manganese (up to 3 mg/l)

Solves all problems!

Automatic controller - controls the operation of the valve during water filtration and regeneration. Built-in battery: a power outage does not cause the current settings to fail.

Patented control valve - ensures trouble-free operation of the filter throughout its entire service life.

Self-washing sand pre-filter - protects the ion-exchange resin from mechanical impurities.

Ion Exchange Resin - The S550 uses a very fine calibrated ion exchange resin. It has a large specific surface area. This increases the efficiency of the filter both during operation and during regeneration.

Mesh flow distributor - the sorbent is sandwiched between two meshes with cells of 100 microns. This allows the use of a superfine ion exchange resin, which improves filter efficiency over conventional softeners by up to 300%.

Durability matters!

The Aquaphor S550 filter housing is made of thick-walled structural reinforced polymer. As a result, it is extremely resistant to internal and external loads.


Maximum compensated hardness, mg/l - 1200

Productivity working/maximum, l/min - 23/25

The maximum concentration of dissolved iron, mg / l - 10

Minimum pH - 6

Maximum flow to the drain during regeneration, l/min - 7.6

Dimensions (H × W × D) - 55.4 × 35.5 × 46.5 cm

Weight - 35 kg

Productivity - 1,4 m3/hour

Source water requirements*

Water hardness, meq / l  - no more than 24

The content of ferrous iron, mg / l - no more than 10

The content of ferric iron, mg / l - no more than 0.3

Manganese content, mg/l - no more than 3

pH - from 6 to 9

Temperature, ° С - from +5 to +38

Hydrogen sulfide, mg/l - no more than 0.03

Permanganate oxidizability, mgО2/l - no more than 5

Silicon, mg/l - no more than 10

*For details, please refer to the product instruction manual.

The problem of water purification arises in front of almost every owner of a country house. Water from a well, a well or a village water supply can not only ruin plumbing, but also be harmful to health.

Hard water

• Increases the consumption of detergents (washing powder, shampoo, soap) by 3–4 times.

• Increases energy consumption for water heating by 30–50%.

• Reduces the service life of household appliances by 3-5 times due to the formation of scale on heating elements.

• Disables plumbing.

• Causes dryness and premature aging of the skin.

• Provokes exacerbation of atopic dermatitis.

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