Electrolux Humidifier Filter

Electrolux Humidifier Filter

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The AG+ Ionic Silver antibacterial filter cartridge with silver ions is designed to disinfect and soften water in Electrolux humidifiers. Passing through the filter, the water is purified from hardness salts, as well as from bacteria and microbes. The filter is recommended to be replaced every 3-4 months.

Designed for models of Electrolux humidifiers: Electrolux EHU - 3510D/3515D, EHU - 5510D/5515D, EHU - 1010D/1020D, EHU - 3310D/3315D, EHU - 3710D/3715D, EHU - 3810D/3815D

Replacement frequency: every 3-4 months

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