LED mirror Normandy 60x70

LED mirror Normandy 60x70

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LED mirror Normandy 60x70cm with a frame made of PMMA plastic

The milky PMMA frame with excellent light transmission provides bright key lighting for the face, ideal for makeup and shaving, and bright ambient wall lighting.


TOUCH SWITCH – touch-sensitive button

DIMMER - adjusting the brightness

DEFOGGER - heater (anti-fog)

COLOR CHANGE - 3000-4500-6500K (warm - neutral - cold white)

EXPLOSION-PROOF - Will not shatter into thousands of small pieces

3 buttons:

1. Turn on the LED lighting (short press), adjust the brightness (long press)

2. Change the heat of the light to 3000-4500-6500K

3. Turn on the anti-fog heating

- The LED strip is protected and covered, children will not get burns

- Moisture resistance class IP44

- 30,000 hours warranty

- Warranty: 2 years

Type: LED bathroom mirror, moisture resistant

Materials: sandblasting, 5mm copper-free silver mirror.

AC: 100-265V, 50/60Hz

Certificates: CE, IP44, UL, ETL

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