Bimetal radiator Shark 500/4

Bimetal radiator Shark 500/4

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Bimetal radiator Shark, "Radiatori2000" Italy

Number of sections: 4

NB: carriers are purchased separately (not included in the set)

Connection kits Pro Factor 1''x1/2'' or 1''x3/4'' purchased separately

Heat output, W, ΔT=50K: 109/1

Heat output, W, ΔT=30K: 56/1

Volume, kg: 0.19

Weight, kg: 2.1

Distance between pipes, mm: 500

Height, mm: 574

Section width, mm: 81

Depth, mm: 95

Maximum pressure: 40 ATM

Bimetallic radiators are a structure made of two types of metal alloys: steel pipes through which the heat carrier circulates; the body is made of cast aluminum. Thanks to this design, the bimetallic radiator does not have contact of the heat carrier with the aluminum body, which significantly reduces the risk of corrosion. Bimetallic heating radiators have increased strength and withstand large pressure drops

- Working pressure up to 40 Atm. Excellent resistance to water hammer.

- Indestructible even at maximum impact pressure over 150 atm.

- Total absence of corrosion, as the coolant is inside the steel tubes (does not come into contact with aluminum)

- The small internal volume of the sections and a small amount of coolant increase efficiency (quick heating of the coolant and fast and uniform heat transfer to the room)

- Modern design and ideal aesthetic shape of the sections. Radiators are suitable for any room.

- High quality ensures reliability and long service life of radiators.

- Factory warranty 20 years.

Radiatori 2000 manufactures high performance, energy efficient cast radiators with strict Italian design.

Die cast radiators -

The most efficient home heating device currently available, which is also suitable for use with the most modern heating systems such as heat pumps and condensing boilers.

It is recommended to install a bimetallic radiator in city apartments, offices, production and industrial premises connected to central heating systems with high operating pressure. If you have your own cottage, private house or even a residence with a separate heating boiler, you can buy aluminum radiators.

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