Thermal curtain Ballu BHC-L10-S06-SP

Thermal curtain Ballu BHC-L10-S06-SP

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Electric thermal curtain BALLU BHC-L10S06-SP is a compact thermal curtain in a low-profile housing with a power of 6 kW and a capacity of 750 m3/h.

The curtain is installed horizontally above the opening using mounting holes located on the side walls of decorative covers and is used to protect doors with an increased width of up to 100 cm.

Connection to a single-phase electrical network is carried out using a power cable.

The front panel without perforation blocks the spread of noise from the ventilation wheels by directing it to the ceiling and not to passing people, which makes the curtain much quieter than its counterparts in a classic case.

The curtain is controlled using a remote control with a built-in thermostat. The remote control measures and automatically regulates the temperature in the room, connecting heating elements as needed, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the air curtain and eliminating overheating of the room. The remote control also allows you to adjust the thermal power of the curtain manually. By choosing one of three operating modes: no heating, 50% power, 100% power.

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