Electric towel heater with timer Alfa P10, 500x900, white, right "ECO"

Electric towel heater with timer Alfa P10, 500x900, white, right "ECO"

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Thermostat R3 minimum energy consumption!

- Up to 70% energy savings: the electronic microprocessor power controller has an "ECO" function, which automatically switches to a reduced power consumption mode.

- Fast heating function

- 3 operating modes

- One multi-function button control

- Overvoltage protection up to 380V

R3 is a new type of one-button thermostats with a simple and clear set of functions. When the power is turned on, all LEDs light up in sequence, which indicates that the regulator is in good condition. Heating of the heated towel rail is set on a three-phase scale - min-mid-max.

Switching of the modes is made by one button "t°/T". The blue backlight indicates the selected operating mode. The maximum heating temperature of the device is 55t°.

Heating surface temperature min-36°C / mid-45°C / max-55°C (+-10%)

The thermostat is equipped with a three-hour shutdown timer. After 3 hours of operation in the selected mode, the thermostat turns off the heating function of the ceiling dryer. The timer is activated by long pressing (more than 2 seconds) the "t ° / T" button

The R3 thermostat is also equipped with an accelerated heating function. Accelerated heating allows you to quickly reach the maximum temperature of the heated towel rail. To do this, the regulator is turned on at maximum power. After 4 minutes, the thermostat automatically switches the controller to a lower user-specified heating setting.

An additional ECO function (always on by default) after a day of operation of the heated towel rail at maximum heating (max) automatically switches it to medium heating (mid). Convenient and multifunctional temperature controller reduces power consumption. The overheating protection function will shut down the instrument in the event of a power failure. Storing the operating mode R3 allows you to restore the set parameters after a shutdown.

Material: structural steel

Coating: matte black/white powder paint

Supply voltage: 220V

Current frequency: 50Hz

Safe product surface temperature up to: 50±5°C

Regulator: on the stand (programmable regulator)

Cord Placement: Right

Connecting cable with plug - 1.5 m

IP protection degree: IP44

Dry heating element (without water and liquids!)

Country of origin: Ukraine

       Package contents: Towel dryer - 1 pc, fasteners - 4 pcs, hex key - 1 pc

Towel heaters
Manufacturer Laris

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