LED mirror Madrid 100x70cm

LED mirror Madrid 100x70cm

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LED bathroom mirror Madrid 100x70cm Frameless



DIMMER - Brightness control

DEFOGGER - The defogger (demister) starts working when switching on the mirror light

BLUETOOTH MUSIC - On the back of the mirror there is a speaker for listening to music via bluetooth

EXPLOSION-PROOF - Does not break into thousands of small pieces

COLOR CHANGING (3000/4500/6500K) Warm white/Cold white/ Daylight - YES

WIFI / Shows Clock, date + weather (WiFi) - NO

PHONE / Can talk on the phone (via Bluetooth) - NO

This is a simple and elegant rectangular bathroom mirror with LED light. Soft lighting makes the image look very natural.

Type: LED Bathroom Mirror Waterproof Vanity Mirror with Light for bath

- LED tape is protected and closed, children can not get burned

- Waterproof class IP44

- Min. 30 000 hours life time

- CCT 6500K

Materials: Sandblasted, Copper free 5mm silver mirror

AC: 100V-265V, 50/60HZ

Certificates: CE, IP44, UL, ETL

For the LED Light:

1.Press on the touch switch for a short time to control the light on or off and switch warm light and daylight. 

(Note: The defogging is turned on or off with mirror light)

2. After the light is turned on, press the touch switch for a long time to adjust the brightness of the light.

3. Stop whenever you think the brightness is OK for you.

For Bluetooth Music:

1. Turn on the power.

2. Open your phone Bluetooth search for ‘mirror multimedia’, select and connection.

3. Then you can play any music within your phone/pad.

NOTE: Bluetooth is connectable to one device only. If you want to connect the second device, please forget the first device.

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