LED mirror Berlin 120x70 cm WiFi/Bluetooth

LED mirror Berlin 120x70 cm WiFi/Bluetooth

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Berlin 120x70 cm

Power: 66W

LED power: 33

Lumen: 2525



DIMMER / Brightness adjustment - YES

DEFOGGER / Anti-fog function: the heater starts when the mirror light is turned on - YES

COLOR CHANGING (3000/4500/6500K) Warm white/Cold white/ Daylight - YES

BLUETOOTH / Music via Bluetooth (speakers) - YES

WIFI / Shows Clock, date + weather (WiFi) - YES

PHONE / Can talk on the phone (via Bluetooth) - NO

- Frosted matte acrylic panel with lighting as a shelf.

- Aluminum LED panel with LED backlighting.

- LED 3x mangifying round mirror can be fixed to the mirror by magnets.

- The battery is being charged wirelessly while small mirror is connected to the Berlin.

- The magnifying round mirror is portable and has a foldable leg, that can also support itself on a table. It has its own button for switching the light on it. C-type charger is in the box.

- Patent: ZL201630172984.1

For the LED Light:

1.Press on the touch switch for a short time to control the light on or off and switch warm light and daylight. 

(Note: The defogging is turned on or off with mirror light)

2. After the light is turned on, press the touch switch for a long time to adjust the brightness of the light.

3. Stop whenever you think the brightness is OK for you.

WiFi APP connection Manual

1. Download the Tuya Smart app on Google play or IOS appstore. 

Register an account on the Tuya smart app.

2. Power off /on the device for three times to enter the distribution network state.

Follow in manual pages 1~6: the steps to pair the device on Tuya Smart app. You can change the device name in page 6.

NB! Power off/on 3 times - from electricity supply (not the LED button on mirror). For example it can be done by connecting the mirror to switch, to a socket or turn off/on the circuit breaker (switch) in the electrical cabinet. It must be done only one time for the first pairing with the application.

For Bluetooth Music:

1. Turn on the power.

2. Open your phone Bluetooth search for ‘mirror multimedia’, select and connection.

3. Then you can play any music within your phone/pad.

NOTE: Bluetooth is connectable to one device only. If you want to connect the second device, please forget the first device.

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