Water heater Midea Lume Uno 100 Wi-Fi

Water heater Midea Lume Uno 100 Wi-Fi

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Water heater Midea Lume Uno 100 Wi-Fi

A new word in the world of electric water heaters. The well-known Chinese manufacturer Midea Group, which for many years has produced boilers for many brands around the world, began producing water heaters under its own brand - Midea.

- Energy class - B

- 1500W

- WiFi connection with MSmart Life APP

- Rare Earth Cerium Anode for 6 years life

- Ti+ Sapphir Enamel Heating element - Anti-Corrosion & Scaling (not dry)

- X-holder - no redrilling for installation

- Dry Heating Prevention

- IPX4 Water-proof MBachineBody

- Pressure-relief Safety Valve

- Auto Power Off For Overheat Protection

MSmartLife app

With WI-FI connectivity and the official MSmartLife app, the water heater and your smartphone can be connected to create even more tiny miracles to keep you comfortable and enjoying your shower.

- Set the time to start heating

- View work status

- Remotely turn off the device to save energy.

- Switch modes

Intelligent heating control using google assistant

Connecting to Google Home, just switch on electric water heater by voice and tell google assistant to adjust into the temperature you prefer.

Works with: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa.

Master knob

With the 3-in-1 master knob and the LED display, you can set up the heating temperature precisely to your need, and enjoy your customized shower when the “Ready” indicator is on.

- Short Press the Knob: Switch On / Off the Appliance

- Long Press the Knob for 3s: Connect the Appliance to Wi-Fi

- Rotate the Knob: Precisely Control the Heating Temperature

99.99% pure water without bacteria

Thanks to the Full-Path Bacteria Defense System, you will enjoy an all-around healthy shower in a pure flow. 

Integrating with the Anti-bacterial Copper Valve and the Ag+ Anti-bacterial Water Inlet, together with the 80°C Hi-Temp ABT Program, this system can gradually improve the water quality.

Ti+ SapphirEnamel Heating element

Made of Ti+ SapphirEnamel-coated SUS316L stainless steel, the heating element is highly resistant to corrosion and scaling, sustaining the best heating performance.

The innovative Ti+ SapphirEnamel layer, promotes the water tank to be more durable, by efficiently resisting corrosion & rust and avoiding scale buildup, sustaining your superior use experience.

Ti+ SapphirEnamel Tank with 3-Layer Tech

- High-level decarburization steel plate layer

- Micro-powder adhesion layer

- 850°C Hi-temp sintered Ti+ SapphirEnamel layer

X-holder mount: no need to re-drill

With ingenious structure design, the X Holder fits most kinds of existing holes that result from your previous wall-mounting installations of water heaters:

- No Re-drilling

- 2 Installations Available, in hole and under

- Wide Applicable Range for Nails Spacing

Three times the lifespan of rare earth anode rods

Originally blended with Rare Earth Cerium, designed with the Hybrid Grid structure, and empowered by the On-demand Protection technology, the TankEscort Anode Rod reaches 3 times the lifespan of normal magnesium anode rods, sustaining a 6-year* anti-corrosion protection for the tank and the heating element.

*Compared to normal magnesium anode rods with 2-year lifespan, Midea TankEscort Rare Earth Anode Rod reaches 3 times of their service life. Data source: Midea Lab. Test Conditions: water TDS value is 1500ppm, and the water is heated to 75°C.

Less tank maintenance hassles, enjoy peace of mind for 6 years

Say bye to:

Anode Rod Innovation

We discover that Cerium, one of the seventeen “Green” Rare Earth Elements (REEs) that are essential to clean energy, consumer electronics and the aerospace industry, has the mind-boggling power to restrain the inevitable self-corrosion of anode rods and reduce limescale buildup on the rods, significantly extending their lifespan.

Hybrid grid structure

Innovatively designed with the unique 2-in-1 Hybrid Grid structure and supported by the On-demand Protection technology, the TankEscort Anode Rod can control its output of protective current, reducing its self-corrosion in the early stage, while intensifying its protection for the tank later, as needed by your water heater. The PP Grid also provides solid support for the metal core, ensuring a much more stable structure for longer service life.

1. Heat-resistant Antibacterial PP

2. Rare earth cerium and magnesium

Normal Mg Anode Rod VS TankEscort Rare Earth Anode Rod

MG anode rod: 

- In poor-quality water - Break off and lose effect within 2 years

- In ordinary-quality water - Diminish and lose effect in 2 years

Rare Earth Anode Rod: Durable even corrosion, Maintain effects for 6 years

Rod production

- Extract: Select the high-quality metals of Cerium, one of the seventeen Rare Earth Elements.

- Smelt: Heat at ultra high temperature to melt the Rare Earth Cerium and Magnesium metals.

- Cast: Shape into rods via high-pressure cast molding, and inject with heat-resisting PP material.

- Polish: Provide you with only the finest after strict quality inspections.

Manufacturer Midea
Capacity, L (actual volume may be less, see product information) 100
Type of instalation Vertical
Heating element Ti+ Sapphir Enamel (not dry)
Control Digital

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