Water heater Midea Salute Flex 100 Wi-Fi

Water heater Midea Salute Flex 100 Wi-Fi

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Electric water heater Midea Salute Flex ED6 Wi-Fi

A new word in the world of electric water heaters. The well-known Chinese manufacturer Midea Group, which for many years has produced boilers for many brands around the world, began producing water heaters under its own brand - Midea.

- Energy class - B

- Type of heating elements: dry (no contact with water)

- 2000W (1200+800W)

- Super slim body, universal installation (horizontal and vertical)

- Control via smartphone Wi-Fi application

- Enamel on the inside of the tank: Ti+ Sapphir, effective against corrosion and scale

- Heating with two tanks / with one tank

- High temperature sterilization

- MemoU - remembering habits

- Dry heat protection

- IPX4 waterproof MBachineBody

- Pressure relief valve

- Automatic shutdown to protect against overheating

Dual tank heating system - saves time and energy

Thanks to the innovative heating system with two tanks and two heating elements, heating efficiency is significantly increased and waiting times are reduced. It can also be switched to single tank heating mode so you can save on energy and bills!

- 2 tanks: heating time reduced by 17%* (2 tank heating mode for a family of up to 4 people)

- 1 tank: 50% energy saving* (One tank heating mode for one person)

**Comparisons were made between the Midea Salute Flex water heater and traditional single tank water heaters at the same inlet water temperature (15°C), same target water heating temperature (75°C), same water heater power (2000W). , the same water heater volume (30, 50, 80 or 100 l).

Rotating control panel for an ideal working angle

The metal control panel can be rotated according to the direction of installation of the boiler, so that you can control the water heater from the most convenient viewing angle.

3 steps to rotate the panel

1. Use the tool to pry off the panel.

2. Pull the panel out of the cavity and rotate it 90° counterclockwise.

3. Press the panel into the cavity.

MSmartLife app

With WI-FI connectivity and the official MSmartLife app, the water heater and your smartphone can be connected to create even more tiny miracles to keep you comfortable and enjoying your shower.

- Set the time to start heating

- View work status

- Remotely turn off the device to save energy.

- Select multiple shower modes with one click (Single tank, two tanks, MemoU, High temperature sterilization)

MemoU function:

- 7 days to learn your shower habits.

By recording and studying your shower habits for 7 days, the water heater creates your exclusive note to prepare hot water for you at the right temperature and time in advance.

Always warm with minimal energy consumption (savings up to 23%)

- Only the required temperature and energy

Ensure that only the energy needed is consumed by automatically setting the desired temperature based on your showering habits.

- Slightly warm water for comfortable hand washing

Keep warm water at least 45°C when you are not showering so you can wash or wash your hands comfortably, especially in cold winters.

Intelligent heating control using google assistant

Once connected to Google Home, simply turn on your electric water heater with your voice and ask Google Assistant to set the temperature you prefer.

Works with: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa.

99.99% pure water without bacteria

By integrating with antibacterial copper valve and antibacterial Ag+ water inlet, as well as Hi-Temp ABT 75°C program, this system can gradually improve water quality and prevent any possible secondary contamination in the pipeline.

The innovative enamel layer on the inside of the Ti+ Sapphir tank makes the water tank more durable, effectively resisting corrosion and also preventing the formation of scale, ensuring superior quality of use.

Manufacturer Midea
Capacity, L (actual volume may be less, see product information) 100
Type of instalation Universal
Heating element Dry
Control Digital

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