Water heater Thermex ID 30V Shadow Wi-Fi Vertical

Water heater Thermex ID 30V Shadow Wi-Fi Vertical

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Water heater Thermex ID Shadow Wi-Fi Vertical

WI-FI control with Thermex Home app!

During the SMART mode, the boiler records the user's habit, and during the next cycle, heats the water according to a previously studied schedule (7 days in a cycle).

During the period when hot water is not in demand, the water heater maintains it at a minimum temperature.

Thus, comfort and energy savings are achieved.

  • New design - Minimalistic and beautiful dark cabinet perfectly complements the sophisticated interior and matches any color scheme.
  • Save space - The water heater is designed with Double Tank technology.
  • Thanks to this technology, the boiler becomes flat and small in size, so it is easy to place even in a small apartment.
  • High Efficiency - Excellent energy efficiency with ErP B class.
  • Safety - The surface covered with bioglass protects the inner tank from corrosion and ensures its resistance to temperature changes.
  • Touch control panel - Convenient interface with display of heating, switching on and operation modes.
  • Intelligent control - Self-diagnosis and error messages.
  • SMART - The Smart function ensures comfort and saves energy.

Style: electric

Type: accumulative

Power: 2.0 kW (three operating modes: 0.7, 1.3 and 2.0 kW)

Connection diameter: 1/2″

Included: safety valve, electric cable

Warranty: 2 years

Manufacturer Thermex
Capacity, L 30
Type of instalation Vertical
Heating element Normal (not dry)
Control Digital

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