Air Heat Pump Midea Xtreme Save 18 WiFi

Air Heat Pump Midea Xtreme Save 18 WiFi

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Energy Saving iECO Mode

Just touch the iECO button to activate the mode. Your AC can keep you cool over an 8-hour night period with as low as 1 kWh energy consumption, saving 71%.

Gear Function

Midea air conditioners offer three operating power options: 50%, 75%, and 100%, that can significantly save energy.


Only with one touch, AC will start to deep clean automatically, to reduce the coil-trapped bacteria and keep evaporator unit cleaner and use longer.


Dual Filtration.

The Dual Filtration system thoroughly eliminates harmful substances through the 2 steps, providing fresh and clean air to you.

Invertor Quattro

Midea’s exclusive Inverter Quattro™ technology empowers the GMCC inverter compressor to be one of the best AC compressors in the world. Under all conditions, Midea inverter compressors operate powerfully, efficiently, speedily and steadily all 4-in-one at the same time. With Inverter Quattro™ technology, the XtremeSavE is able to supply appropriate cooling capacity with much less energy consumed, which also keeps the temperature steady and comfortable throughout the day and night.

The 4th SmartSavE

Precise-Control Inverter

Deduction Algorithm. The Inverter Quattro™ supports continuous compressor operation at ultra-low speed of 12Hz. Thanks to the SmartSavE precise-control algorithm, ultra-stable frequency is achieved with minor vibration which decreased by up to 16 times.

Optimization: High-Efficiency Fan Blades and Air Ducts

The optimized air fan and ducts deliver the same airflow in with 30 percent less power thanks to the new design. It makes the XtremeSavE an unbeatable choice for energy saving.

Powerful Cooling

Flash Cooling and 3D Airflow Technology. Media air conditioner is able to rapidly drive up or down the temperature near air outlet in only 30 seconds. Meanwhile, directional air-outlet moves automatically both horizontally and vertically, directing cool air to fill every corner of the room.

Stable, long-last perfomance rid you out of the annoyances of daily maintenance.

The protection technologies from within - a separate voltage stabilizer, exclusive anti-corrosion PrimeGuard coating, and the super sturdy casing ensure you AC endures harsh conditions and stands by you for a long time.

Air heat pumps
Effective up to °C -25
As additional heating is suitable for room up to m2 100
Manufacturer Midea
As main heating is suitable for room up to m2 50
Cooling energy class A+++
Suitable for cooling a room up to, m2 70
Heating energy class A++

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