Air heat pump Midea Xtreme Heat 09

Air heat pump Midea Xtreme Heat 09

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Xtreme Heat - New Air Heat Pump

Xtreme heating performance under xtreme cold conditions

Air-outlet temperature reaching 35°C within 60s; Highest air-outlet temperature 50°C with high-frequency up to 120Hz; 100% full-output to keep you warm at –25°C (100% defrost rate at -10°C); Works even at ambient temperatures as low as –32°C

Insta Heater

This heating belt preheats the inverter upon start-up, to get rid of the external coldness and get the compressor prepared for quick heating.

The increased heat exchange area improves the efficiency of heat transfer,allowing faster heating.

Inverter Quattrotm Compressor

The Inverter QuattroTM's High Frequency Racer Tech enables the compressor to race at the ultra-high speed frequency almost instantly upon start up,

providing powerful cooling as soon as you switch on the air conditioner.

  • Base Pan Heater

With 1.9 times of former output power and brand-new stainless steel material, the base pan heater can quickly melt and remove snow & ice in the outdoor unit, ensuring stable heating capacity.

  • ThermoStatic Technology

Keeping you steadily cool within 0.5 °C

Thanks to the precise control of the Inverter Quattro™ ’s micro-chip, Midea’s air conditioner can easily maintain the desired temperature by varying the compressor speed without repeatedly turning on and off, keeping you feel comfortable with steady temperature within 0.5°C.

  • 3D Airflow

The directional air-outlet moves automatically both horizontally and vertically, directing nice and cool air with the angled airflow to fill in every corner of the room.

  • PrimeGuard™

Midea’s PrimeGuard™ is more resistant in oxidation & corrosion than ordinary fins for condensers to furnish a steadier and long-lasting performance. It can also efficiently prevent bacteria from breeding and oil stain from adhering, and withstand weather elements to enhance durability.

  • Diamond-edged and T-shape Casing

The Diamond-edged Casing, Archimedes’ screw-shaped air outlet and T-Shaped top cover together keep rain or sand away from the unit, ensuring stable operation of the interior.

  • Energy Saving

Gear Shift

Midea inverter air conditioners offer three operating power options: 50%, 75%, and 100%. You can choose a lower power level with the Gear button on the remote controller to conserve energy when you feel the cool is enough.

  • Healthy

Dual Filtration

The Dual Filtration system thoroughly eliminates

harmful substances through the 2 steps, providing fresh and clean air to you.

  • Smart

App-Based Remote Control

Based on the cloud service under M-Smart Security Protocol, the MideaAIR app makes your home life easier, smarter and more comfortable with versatile functions just in hand.Discover the MideaAIR to get your home life connected.

Air heat pumps
Effective up to °C -30
As additional heating is suitable for room up to m2 90
Manufacturer Midea
As main heating is suitable for room up to m2 55
Cooling energy class A+++
Heating energy class A+++

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