Air Heat pump Gree PULAR 24 WiFi -15C

Air Heat pump Gree PULAR 24 WiFi -15C

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  • Works down to -15˚C
  • Cooling down to -15˚C;
  • Outdoor unit frost protection;
  • Universal indoor units, can be connected to the multisplit system.


  • Wi-Fi mobile phone control;
  • + 8˚C room temperature support;
  • "I Feel" function;
  • "Auto restart" function;
  • Operating modes: automatic / cooling / heating / dehumidification / fan;
  • Power saving mode;
  • Quiet mode;
  • Sleeping mode;
  • "Turbo" mode;
  • Protection against cold air blowing;
  • Smart defrosting of the outdoor unit;
  • "Cold Plasma" ionizer;
  • Self-cleaning;
  • Timer;
  • Soft start;
  • Self-diagnosis;
  • Freon leakage protection;
  • Current fluctuation protection;
  • Temperature display;
  • Protection from children;
  • LED screen. 

Air heat pumps
Area, m2 (low insulation level, 80W/m2) Only as additional heating up to 30m2
Effective up to °C -22
Manufacturer Gree
Area, m2 (high insulation level, new building, 50W/m2) Only as additional heating up to 40m2

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