Daikin Altherma 3 H HT high temperature air-to-water heat pump Floor standing with boiler Reversible

Daikin Altherma 3 H HT high temperature air-to-water heat pump Floor standing with boiler Reversible

Product Code:ETVX-16S18E9W/16S23E9W

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High class heat pumps - heating, cooling and domestic hot water

This model: floor standing with built-in stainless steel water heater (180 l or 230 l)
It is a compact device that requires only 595 x 625 mm to install. The appliance is equipped with a 180 or 230 l water heater to cover domestic hot water needs.

Indoor unit: 180L: ETVX-16S18E9W, 230L: ETVX-16S23E9W
Outdoor unit: 3 powered units available: 14-16-18 kW: EPRA-14DW1 or EPRA-16DW1 or EPRA-18DW1

- Integrated WIFI controller
- Refrigerant R-32
- External work up to -28C
- Magnetic filter included
- Estonian menu
- Bottom melting of hot gas on the outside
- New design
- Inverter SWING compressor (does not have a spring, so it does not lose efficiency during the entire period of life)
- Integrated back-up heater of 9 kW

How does it work?
The Daikin Altherma outdoor unit receives the energy needed for heating, cooling and domestic hot water from the outside air. Up to 75% of the device's energy comes from the outside air, the rest from the mains. This air-to-water heat pump uses a compressor and refrigerant to transfer the energy from the air to the water, heat the water as needed, and direct it to the house.

Highest energy efficiency class
Air-to-water heat pumps are the most economical heating solution. The heat pump has the highest energy efficiency class, as the energy extracted from the air is used for heating, cooling and domestic water heating.

Designed to replace boilers
Installing a heat pump is a leap into the future
Daikin Altherma 3 H HT is well suited for use in renovation projects. The radiators do not need to be replaced, as the temperature of the leaving water is 70 ° C, similar to that of a boiler. The only difference is that no additional backup heater is used. Replacing the boiler with Daikin Altherma 3 H HT saves space. The indoor unit requires very little installation space: less than 0.36 m².

Green investment
By replacing the boiler with a heat pump, you get a much more environmentally friendly solution. In general, the use of heat pumps reduces CO2 emissions by 70%. The difference can also be seen in the electricity bill - the investment can pay off in a year!

Designed to withstand the coldest climates

Made in Europe, for Europe
The weather in Europe can be harsh at times. Therefore, the Daikin Altherma 3 H HT operates in "heat pump" mode down to an outdoor temperature of -28 ° C. The heating capacity also lasts up to -15 ° C outside temperature. This is possible thanks to the technology developed by Daikin.
As the market leader, Daikin always strives to manufacture the most reliable and efficient heat pumps. Daikin has developed Bluevolution technology to make better and more environmentally friendly products. This technology is now used in all products, such as the Daikin Altherma 3 H HT.
The Daikin Altherma 3 H HT is Daikin's first outdoor device with a unique design. It has only one fan, which makes less noise, and a black grille front that helps the device blend into any environment.
All of these special components were developed in-house to make the Daikin Altherma 3 H HT unique.
Very good performance, use of renewable energy, design and noise level.
This means high-end heat pumps.

Bluevolution technology combines a specially designed compressor and refrigerant R-32. Daikin is the first company in the world to launch R-32 refrigerant heat pumps. R-32 is as efficient as conventional refrigerants, but has a lower global warming potential (GWP), resulting in increased energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.
R-32 is easy to reuse and is the perfect solution to Europe's new CO2 targets.

Design and space-saving installation
In addition to quiet operation, the design of the device is crucial today. Daikin has paid special attention to ensuring that the outdoor unit matches the exterior of the home.
The fan is hidden behind a black horizontal grille covering the front of the device. The gray matte body reflects the color of the wall behind it, which blends even more into the surroundings of the device. The device received IF and reddot design awards in 2019.

Silence means comfort
To meet the expectations of today's society, the Daikin Altherma 3 H HT has been designed with the lowest possible noise level.
The low noise mode increases the usability of the Daikin Altherma 3 H HT. In normal noise mode, the sound pressure level of the device is 38 dBA at a distance of 3 meters - somewhere between bird noise and library noise.
In contrast, in low-noise mode, the sound pressure is 3 decibels lower at 3 meters - the actual noise level is halved!

Noise levels can be assessed in two ways
›› Volume of the device itself regardless of distance and environment
›› Sound pressure is noise that is perceived at a certain distance from the device. The sound pressure is usually calculated at a point 1 to 5 meters from the device.

One solution, several combinations
The Daikin Altherma 3 H HT range of outdoor units can be combined with three different indoor units with standard functions for home heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

Outdoor units - 3 Outdoor units are available: 14-16-18 kW.

Model with integrated stainless steel water heater
It is a compact device that only needs 595 x 625 mm of mounting space. The appliance has a 180 or 230 l water heater to cover the domestic hot water demand. 

Model with integrated ECH2O water heater
The ECH2O has a 300 or 500 l water heater for domestic hot water that can be connected to solar panels.

Wall-mounted device
This is the most compact model, but requires a separate water heater to heat domestic water. 

Earned comfort and the best features
Among Daikin's "three plus" features, you'll find the one that's best for your needs. There are three possible types of indoor units: with heating function only, reversible and dual-zone.
This allows you to choose the Daikin heating system that best suits your needs.

Model with heating function only
The heating-only model is the standard model in the Daikin range and is available for all three indoor units. This means that the heating system has space heating and domestic water heating functions.

Reversible model (exactly what is offered on this page)
If cooling is also required, a reversible model is suitable! This function is available for all three indoor units. Reversible means that the direction of the system can be changed and the unit will start cooling instead of heating. Cooling system
the appliance must be connected to an underfloor heating system or a fan coil.

Bizone - a two-zone model
The dual zone function can only be ordered as an option for the integrated floor unit. This allows you to select two independent zones with different heaters that require different temperatures (eg the underfloor heating system in the living room and the radiators in the upstairs bedroom). The two zones can also be managed separately: switch off the ground floor heating during the day to reduce energy consumption.

The situation is under control wherever you are
Madoka - user-friendly thermostat (buy separately if needed)
The user-friendly Daikin Madoka controller with a beautiful design is a refined device with clean lines, which is distinguished by a striking blue round screen. It has clearly visible symbols and easy-to-read numbers. Controller
The functions are accessed via three touch-sensitive buttons that allow the device to be operated and adjusted in a user-friendly manner.
Operating parameters are easy to set
The controller is easy to set up and fine-tune, saving energy and ensuring a pleasant indoor climate. Through the system, you can select the operating mode (heating, cooling or automatic) in the room, set the desired room temperature and adjust the DHW temperature.

Three colors: silver, black, white.

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