air-water heat pump Midea M thermal A Series Split - 10kw sample

air-water heat pump Midea M thermal A Series Split - 10kw sample

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The Midea M-Thermal air-to-water heat pump uses DC conversion technology, which allows better control of the motor speed, thus providing the required heating output with less electricity consumption.

  • Heating power efficiency A+++
  • Constant water temperature improves comfort
  • Wide ambient temperature range
  • Particularly quiet (53 dB)
  • Multifunctional control panel and the ability to control via the Internet
  • Ambient temperature curve
  • Disinfection function
  • Stylish fashionable design of indoor and outdoor units
  • One-stop solution: heating, cooling and domestic hot water in one system

The M-Thermal heat pump will be able to heat and cool the premises all year round, as well as provide domestic hot water. Able to replace a gas boiler or work with it.

Why choose an air-to-water heat pump?

4 kW of heat can be taken from the external environment, using only 1 kW for compressor operation, the system efficiency reaches 400 percent.

The highest energy efficiency class A+++

The energy efficiency class of a split system and a monoblock is A+++ at a water temperature of 35℃ and A++ at a water temperature of 55℃.

Outdoor unit condenser

The copper pipe, whose internal diameter is 9.5, optimizes heat transfer. The condenser of the outdoor unit is covered with a layer of hydrophilic foil, which facilitates the drainage of water condensate, enhances anti-corrosion properties and increases the service life of the device.

DC fan motor

The fan speed is adjusted according to the heating and cooling demand. This reduces the noise level and saves electricity.

Hydronic Module Components

The indoor unit has a built-in Wilo DC water circulation pump, an Alfa Laval heat exchanger with a built-in 9 kW electric heater.

inverter compressor

New double rotor inverter compressor with DC magnets and wide frequency range reduces radiated sound and ensures precise operation. It converts all frequencies, thus reducing power consumption by 30%.

The energy efficiency of M-Thermal heat pumps has the highest A+++ class, which helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

High Power Inverter Compressor

Midea's inverter technology guarantees the required heat output even at -25℃ outdoor temperatures to keep you warm even in the coldest winters.

At low temperatures, the speed of the compressor and fan increases, thus increasing the heat output.

Automatic control of the heating cable prevents icing and damage to the fan and condenser.

Smart network function

The heat pump regulates the performance based on the received signal. The power consumption of the system can be controlled automatically based on peak demand, thus optimizing power consumption.

Particularly quiet: only 53 dB

Since the heat demand of the house depends on the outside temperature, most of the time the heat pump runs at partial load. The frequency converter of the inverter compressor adjusts the speed depending on the required power, thereby reducing the noise level.

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