Reverse osmosis Aquaphor RO-70S

Reverse osmosis Aquaphor RO-70S

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Reverse osmosis Aquaphor RO-70S
  • Reduces hardness and scale
  • Optimizes Ca and Mg concentration
  • Improves the taste of food and drinks
  • Versatile protection against toxic impurities

Super compact reverse osmosis system for the production of highly purified water. Includes all necessary filtration stages and a 5 liter tank. RO-70S will cope with water of any quality from municipal and local water networks. The small size of the system is due to the smaller size of the pre-filtration and post-filtration units, so the optimal mode of using the resource of this model is with water without visible mechanical impurities.

Main characteristics of Aquaphor RO-70S:

- Compact and ergonomic design

- 5 liters of fresh drinking water in the tank

- High water efficiency and increased cleaning speed

- Operates at low tap pressure without electric pump

- Optimizes the concentration of calcium and magnesium depending on the initial hardness of the water

- Less loss of drainage water compared to classic reverse osmosis systems.

Filtration rate - 7.6 l/h

Protection against bacteria and viruses - 99%

Drinking water tap - yes

You can drink unboiled water - yes

Scale prevention - without scale and white layer

Max pressure, MPa/bar - 0.63 / 6.5

Optimizes mineral content - yes

Min pressure, MPa/bar - 0.2 / 2

The ratio of purified water and drainage water - 1:4 - 1:6

Regeneration - not required

Removes chlorine - yes

Replacement of filter elements - according to the replacement scheme

Changing filters without tools - yes

Reverse osmosis membrane productivity, GPD - 50

System type - reverse osmosis

Takes up little space under the sink - yes

Capacity - built-in tank

Reverse osmosis membrane productivity, l/day - 190

In the set:

1. RO housing 1 pc

2. Replacement filter K3 1 pc

3. Membrane filter RO-50S 1 pc

4. Water quality improving cartridge 1 pc

5. Connecting pipes 3 pcs

6. Connection point 1 pc

7. Drain connection 1 pc

8. Clean water tap 1 pc

9. Self-locking screw bracket for conditioning filter 1 pc

10. Plug with a gap 1 pc

11. Maintenance cap 1 pc

Made in Estonia

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