Reverse osmosis systems APRO 150-750

Reverse osmosis systems APRO 150-750

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A product line that supports a variety of applications in business, whole-home filtration, agriculture and civil needs

  • Built & assembled in EU
  • Low enenrgy consuming booster pump saves up to 50% electricity
  • Remote control
  • User-friendly APRO Monitor App

Ultra low-energy systems suit small & medium businesses in the food industry, professional kitchens, service and public entities. They are ready to supply as much clean filtered water as the size of business requires right now.

Stainless steel housing in the SST line suits areas of high humidity or sites with stringent cleanliness and hygiene requirements.

APRO 150–750 systems suits for:

- Whole-house water supply

- Municipal entities

- Small and medium business

Standart system equipment

- Grundfos pump (Made in EU)

- Stainless steel frame and case

- Stainless steel seamless pressure vessels

- Automatic patented present Permeate Recovery Control

- Fully equipped electric board

- MP controller with TDS/flow/pressure monitoring

- 4.5'' (BB)/5.5'' DIA (Viking) with patented high capacity multistage cartridge

- Modbus

Optional features

- Dosing pump with level switch

- Supply pumps and storage vessels

- GSM/GPRS/Modem

- CIP system

Extra benefits:

- Permeate recovery up to 99%

- Extended membrane life

- Easy maintenance

- Low energy consuming booster pump

- Low cost operation

- Space saving design

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