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Electrolux underfloor heating is a simple and effective way to fill your apartment or country house with warmth and create a cozy atmosphere conducive to relaxation. The range is represented by thin heating mats and cable sections with optimal power for use both in dry rooms and in rooms with increased humidity.

To create comfortable heating in living rooms with a laminate or parquet flooring, an infrared film warm floor is used. All products combine the latest innovative engineering developments.

Warm floors are safe, durable and reliable to use.

Ease of installation, ease of control, soft heating and energy saving - all this is specially designed for your comfort.

10 reasons to choose Electrolux underfloor heating

World famous brand.

The Electrolux brand is known all over the world: its recognition index is 93%, and the consumer confidence index is 85%. The company's products are presented in different product groups in more than 150 countries. Today Electrolux is # 1 in Europe in terms of sales and one of the top three in the US markets. The main component of the brand's success has been and remains the impeccable quality of the products.

Flawless Electrolux quality.

Electolux equipment is a modern, high-quality and at the same time affordable technique that will serve for many years. If you keep up with the times and are not used to deny yourself the comfort of your home, Electrolux solutions are created especially for you. In the manufacture of brand products, only environmentally friendly materials and innovative technologies are used. A multi-level quality management system ISO 9001 has been implemented at Electlolux production sites. The quality of the products produced meets the highest international standards.

More than 25 years of successful sales worldwide.

In 1991, Electrolux began manufacturing cable heating systems, which quickly gained a reputation for quality and innovation. This allowed the company to take a leading position in the underfloor heating market in Europe. For over 25 years, Electrolux has been supplying cable heating systems worldwide. In all countries, the products have been successfully tested for quality, reliability and safety.

A clear assortment for all installation options.

The range of Electrolux underfloor heating consists of several series, which differ depending on the type of heating (basic / comfortable), room configuration (complex / simple), installation method (screed / tile adhesive / "dry" installation), flooring material (tiles , stone, carpet, laminate, parquet). The model range of underfloor heating covers a wide range of heating areas - from 0.5 to 12 m2.

Innovative underfloor heating management today.

Thermotronic Smart is a revolutionary thermostat for underfloor heating via Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world using a free mobile application. Switch preset modes with one touch, easily customize the system for your individual mode, use underfloor heating when you need it, saving up to 70% on energy costs.

A guarantee proven by many years of practice.

The warranty period for Electrolux underfloor heating is 25 years, the service life is more than 50 years, which is confirmed by both numerous laboratory studies and wide application practice since 1991. Long service life is a guarantee of the highest quality and reliability of products.

Eco-friendly floor heating with a power of 150 W / m2

Eco Mat heating mat based on a thin two-core cable is an optimal microclimate in the room, a real pleasure from using a warm floor, taking care of the health of users and the absence of harmful electromagnetic radiation

Laying without screed

Recommended for laying under tiles or natural stone, in a thin layer of tile adhesive, without screed, with a minimum rise in the floor level.

No harmful electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation from the heating mat is several times lower than the permissible standards and is absolutely harmless to human health.

Thin sealed sleeve

The diameters of the sleeve and the heating cable are almost identical, which does not lead to additional raising of the floor level.

Unique textile base

The basis of Eco Mat heating mats is made of fabric. The heating cable is woven into a textile base, which, unlike fiberglass, absorbs the tile adhesive solution, forming a single monolithic structure and does not interfere with the reliable fixing of the floor covering to the concrete base.

Comfort heating 150 W / m2

The heating mat has optimal power and is suitable for creating a comfortable microclimate in dry and humid rooms.

Full set

All accessories required for the Eco Mat installation are included in the kit. Detailed installation instructions will help you to install the warm floor yourself, without the involvement of installation organizations.

One-way connection

Installation of underfloor heating is greatly simplified due to the one-sided connection of the power cable.
Fast heating and long service life

A thin two-core heating cable of high power (150W / m2) quickly reaches the set temperature for any type of heating. At the same time, both heating cores are heating, the load is evenly distributed between them, which increases the service life of the cable.


  • Specific power of the mat 150 W / m2 at 220 V
  • Mat width - 0.5 m
  • 3.9mm thin twin-core cable
  • One-way connection to the mains
  • Reliability and durability, both heating cores
  • XLPE core insulation
  • Hermetically sealed sleeve, diameter is almost equal to that of the cable
  • Power supply cable length - 2 m
  • Warranty - 20 years
  • Advanced functionality
  • Laying without screed
  • One-way connection
  • Innovative textile backing
  • Protection against electromagnetic radiation
  • Comfortable heating 150W / m2
  • Fast heating time

Eco Mat underfloor heating kit

1. Instruction with a warranty card

2. Heating mat

3. Corrugated pipe 2 m for installing the floor temperature sensor

4. Plastic plug

5. Crimping sleeves for connection to the thermostat

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