Thermostat ETT-16 Touch Electrolux

Thermostat ETT-16 Touch Electrolux

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Thermostats for underfloor heating

The Thermotronic series is an innovative range of thermostats capable of meeting various user requirements. The product range consists of four models, each of which has a harmonious combination of design and functional properties, will adorn any interior. New this year, the Thermotronic Smart model with Wi-Fi function allows you to control the underfloor heating from anywhere in the world.

Thermotronic Smart - intuitive operation with a harmonious combination of classic style and innovative solutions. This latest generation thermostat allows you to customize the operation of the underfloor heating for maximum comfort, safety and energy savings of up to 70%.

Thermotronic Touch - with a touch screen, allows you to set time periods with different temperatures for a week, has a parental control function - blocking from accidental pressing.

Thermotronic Avantgarde - stylish programmable with a soft bluish LCD backlight and the ability to set temperature modes during the day for every hour, has ergonomic rubberized control buttons.

Thermotronic Basic is an electronic thermostat with mechanical control, complete with a floor sensor.

Interchangeable with other brands of thermostats

Thermotronic Smart thermostats have an option to select the resistance of the temperature sensor, which allows them to be used with other brands of underfloor heating.

Wi-Fi function

Controlling underfloor heating using the Wi-Fi function from anywhere in the world, at any time using the Electrolux mobile application, will make your life convenient and comfortable.

Air and floor temperature sensor

Built-in sensors allow you to monitor the operation of the heated floor by air temperature, floor temperature, or work in a combined mode, depending on individual preferences.

Technical possibility of compatibility with Legrand Valena frames.

Possibility of joint use with decorative frames Legrand Valena.

Unique author's design from Electrolux

Thermostats Thermotronic Smart harmoniously combines mechanical control with a dynamic backlit control wheel and innovative mobile control in a sleek, ultra-thin, ivory-colored housing.

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