Kitchen sink + Tap 2in1 Delicia Argent SQD100

Kitchen sink + Tap 2in1 Delicia Argent SQD100

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Kitchen sink Aquasanita Composite Granite

Sink dimensions 555x455 mm

Bowl dimensions: 505x405 mm

Supplied with: AQF-002V (AW) or AQL-002V (AWP)

Undermount installation

Made in Lithuania

Articial granite sinks contain over 80% of natural silica powder and 15–20% of resin as a binding agent. This unique homogenous mass developed by the technologists of AQUASANITA makes Silicsana sinks particularly stable and sturdy. Non-porous and smooth surface of the sink does not accumulate dirt and is hygienic as well as resistant to heat and sudden changes of water temperature. The surface of the sink is resistant to stains, chemical detergents and different colouring materials.

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