Boiler ELECTROLUX Formax DL 100l Damaged packaging

Boiler ELECTROLUX Formax DL 100l Damaged packaging

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X-Heat is a system of "dry" independent heating elements.
Heating elements (heating elements) are responsible for the reliability and durability of the storage water heater.
Electrolux water heaters of the Formax DL series have a unique and reliable system of two independent "dry" heating elements:
X heat. A feature of this system is the absence of direct contact of the heating elements with water.
The heating elements are located in special metal casings fixed on a flange at the bottom of the tank. This design avoids the formation of scale, makes it possible to use the device in half power mode, save energy, and also significantly increases the service life of the heating elements. Even if one of the heating elements fails, the second will continue to work, which guarantees you hot water no matter the circumstances. Thanks to the system of "dry" heating elements X-Heat, service and repair can be carried out without dismantling the water heater.

Convenient management
In the Formax series, the device is controlled using convenient adjustment knobs. In the Formax DL series, thanks to the electronic control panel, you can easily set the required water heating temperature with an accuracy of 1 °C. The LED display shows the temperature and the selected heating power level.

Multi memory technology
A unique feature of the Formax DL series is the Multi Memory technology, which allows programming and setting three individual water heating modes in the device's memory. The settings of individual modes and water heating temperature are saved even when the power is turned off. After the power supply is restored, the water heater will continue heating up to the previously set temperature.

Mounting versatility
Thanks to the use of modern technologies, Electrolux water heaters of the Formax DL series
can be installed both vertically and horizontally, which greatly simplifies the choice of a place to install the device.

Safety and energy saving
The water heaters of the Formax DL series have an Eco-mode, in which the water will be heated up to 55 °C. It has been established that at such a temperature the working life of the heating element increases, water is disinfected and practically no scale is formed. Also, these models have the ability to control the heating power (3 power levels - 800/1200/2000 W) - this allows you to place the water heater in a room with almost any power supply.

4-stage protection system
The Protect tank system, which includes 4 levels, is responsible for the multi-level protection of the internal tank against corrosion:

1. Special high-strength metal alloy, resistant to corrosion.
2. Protective coating of the inner tank with high-strength and elastic enamel.
3. Magnesium anode of increased mass, trapping and neutralizing corrosive particles.
4. Safety valve with drain function, which protects the device from excessive pressure inside the tank.
Also, the water heater is equipped with an overheating protection system and a protective shutdown device, which provides additional safety during the operation of the device.

High performance thermal insulation
For thermal insulation of devices, a layer of foamed polyurethane with a thickness of 22 mm is used - an environmentally friendly CFC-Free material, which is filled using a special technology under high pressure. It is safe for the environment and human health, has excellent heat-insulating properties and reduces
heat losses and high energy costs to a minimum.

Warranty 2 years

Heating time up to 75 °С, min - 239
Power supply, V/Hz - 220/50
Heating element power, W - 800/1200/2000
Dimensions (H x W x D), mm - 879x469x454
Weight (with water) / in package, kg - 132,1/36,0

Manufacturer Electrolux
Capacity, L (actual volume may be less, see product information) 100
Type of instalation Universal
Heating element Dry
Control Digital

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