Water heater Thermex Como 80V Wi-Fi Damaged packaging

Water heater Thermex Como 80V Wi-Fi Damaged packaging

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Water heater Thermex Como Wi-Fi Vertical

  • WI-FI control with Thermex Home app!
  • Electronic anode : Does not need annual replacement !


The electronic anode protects against corrosion and keeps the water clean and fresh.

Smart control

During the week, it remembers the habits of using hot water on the days of the week and automatically maintains them.

High efficiency

Excellent energy efficiency with ErP B class.

Touch control panel

Convenient interface with indication of heating, inclusion and operating modes.


Smart function provides comfort and saves energy.


High-density polyurethane foam insulation allows you to keep hot water longer without additional energy costs.


The bioglass coating protects the inner tank from corrosion and ensures its resistance to temperature extremes.

Manufacturer Thermex
Capacity, L (actual volume may be less, see product information) 80
Type of instalation Vertical
Heating element Normal (not dry)
Control Digital

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