Reverse osmosis Aquaphor RO-202S

Reverse osmosis Aquaphor RO-202S

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A smart and compact reverse osmosis system with a built-in booster pump and a 5-liter tank.

  • Reduces hardness and scale
  • Optimizes Ca and Mg concentration
  • Improves the taste of food and drinks
  • Versatile protection against toxic impurities

An intelligent and fully automatic reverse osmosis purifier with an innovative tank that offers exceptionally fast refilling with little drain water loss. Automatic adjustment for maximum clean water recovery. Optimizes the content of calcium and magnesium, depending on the hardness of the original water.

Aquaphor RO-202S makes water tasty and safe! Soft and odorless water regardless of the initial water quality. Requires only one-third the under-sink space of conventional RO systems.

Additional features of Aquaphor RO-202S:
- built-in electric pressure pump enables efficient operation at low tap water pressure
- the built-in pressure pump ensures a fast and uniform flow of clean water from the drinking water faucet
- an automatic reminder with a light and sound indicator helps to monitor the timely filter change

Reduces common tap water contaminants including chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, nitrates and nitrites, bacteria and viruses, hardness minerals.

Clean water tank - 5
Protection against bacteria and viruses - 99%
Can be connected to a coffee machine/ice machine/refrigerator - yes
Drinking water tap - yes
You can drink unboiled water - yes
Scale prevention - without scale and white layer
Max pressure, MPa/bar - 0.63 / 6.5
Optimizes mineral content - yes
Min pressure, MPa/bar - 0.09 / 0.9
Protection against viruses and bacteria - 99.9%
The ratio of purified water and drainage water - 1:2 - 1:4
Regeneration - not required
Removes bacteria - yes
Removes chlorine - yes
Removes viruses - yes
Replacement of filter elements - according to the replacement scheme
Changing filters without tools - yes
Reverse osmosis membrane productivity, GPD - 100
System type - reverse osmosis
Reverse osmosis membrane productivity, l/day - 380

In the set:
1. Replacement filter K1 - 1 pc
2. Replacement filter K2 - 1 pc
3. Replacement filter RO-100S - 1 pc
4. Replacement filter K7BM - 1 pc
5. RO housing - 1 pc
6. Connecting pipes - 1 pc
7. Connection point - 1 pc
8. Clean water faucet - 1 pc
9. Drain connection - 1 pc
10. Maintenance cap - 1 pc
11. Power adapter - 1 pc

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