Reverse osmosis system RO-206S - HoReCa

Reverse osmosis system RO-206S - HoReCa

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Intelligent and compact reverse osmosis system with double membrane, built-in pump and 5 liters of pure water
  • All-round protection against toxins
  • Without scale and white coating
  • Normalization of the mineral composition
  • Bright taste of food and drinks
Eliminates any impurities, including bacteria, parasites, viruses, nitrates, chlorine, lead, arsenic and other toxins. Completely and for a long time will relieve of a scum. Indication of the resource of each module and a separate connection to the coffee machine. More compact and more economical than a classic reverse osmosis filter. An outlet is required to connect the filter.
Water filter Aquaphor DWM-206S is suitable for:
  • For children and people prone to allergies
Filters with special extra-fine cleaning membranes will help reduce the risks of bacterial and allergic diseases transmitted, including through water.
The hollow fiber membrane will provide absolute protection against bacteria and parasites due to the pore size of 0.1 microns. This is 800 times less than the thickness of a human hair.
Reverse osmosis membranes provide the highest degree of purification. Such filters will completely replace water from plastic bottles.
Even plant pollen, which is carried by water and is one of the sources of allergic reactions in children and adults, will not pass through both types of membranes.
  • For gourmets
How are culinary experiments, passion for exotic coffees or a collection of elite tea connected with water? In the most immediate way, because the extraction, aroma and color of drinks depend on the depth of water purification and the complete absence of impurities.
Pure water is a necessary base for carefully selected ingredients to sparkle with all the colors of taste.
  • For sports and healthy lifestyle lovers
A balanced diet is the basis of recovery of the body after exercise. Water is not a source of nutrition and not a way to obtain “bricks” for building cells, but an inert environment in which chemical and physical processes take place.
Water helps transport nutrients and eliminate toxins. Each of us is a mini-laboratory. The purer the water, the fewer failures in these subtle processes and the easier and faster they pass.
  • For perfectionists
Why settle for the ordinary when there is something better? No compromise!
The quality of life is made up of many details. One of them is a filter that does not just purify water, but does it more efficiently and longer thanks to constant innovation and the introduction of new technologies. A filter that does not require more than a minute to change modules once a year. A filter in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail and simply works at the maximum of the possibilities of modern science.

Productivity - 47,2 l/hour
Optimizes mineral composition - yes
For soft water - yes
For hard water - yes
Protection against viruses and bacteria - 100%
Storage tank - built-in tank
Stock of clean water - 5 l
Protection against bacteria - absolute
The pressure in the water supply system is not less than 1.4 atm
The pressure in the water supply is not more than - 6.5 atm
The water is cold
Weight - 14 kg

Replacement module K5 - 1 pc.
Replacement module K2 - 1 pc.
Replaceable membrane module K-150S - 1 pc.
Replaceable membrane module K-150S - 1 pc.
Water purifier housing - 1 pc.
Connecting tubes JG - 3 pcs.
Connection node - 1 pc.
The crane for clear water - 1 piece.
Drainage clamp - 1 pc.
Flushing plug - 2 pcs.

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