Water heater Electrolux SmartInverter PRO 2.0EU 30L Damaged packaging

Water heater Electrolux SmartInverter PRO 2.0EU 30L Damaged packaging

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Accumulative water heater with an enamel coating of the inner tank and with inverter control, digital INVERTER technology.

Innovative electronic anode

- More efficient than magnesium anode

- Increased leakage and corrosion protection

- Does not require annual replacement and maintenance

Digital INVERTER technology

The unique technology is aimed at reducing the load on the electrical network and heating elements, due to the automatic change in the power of heating elements. The heating elements themselves adjust and heat the water inside the water heater at such a power that is objectively necessary in a given period of time. Thanks to this technology, both electricity and the life of the heating elements are saved, since the heating elements no longer work at full capacity when it is not needed.

SMART MEMORY technology

This is a technology for remembering user habits. The device, based on your use, will create an algorithm according to which it will work in the future - it will decide when it needs to prepare hot water for you.

Built-in WiFi

Wi-Fi connection allows remote control of water heating from anywhere in the world. This will allow not only to heat the water to the required temperature by your arrival, but also significantly save energy costs.

System of "DRY" heating elements

The system of "DRY" heating elements is a system in which heating elements that do not have direct contact with water. The heating elements are located in special metal casings fixed on the flange at the bottom of the tank, which limits the formation of scale on the heating elements and significantly increases their service life.

Sanitary antibacterial water treatment BACTERIA STOP SYSTEM

The system of professional antibacterial water treatment is a cycle of thermal treatments (heating up to 70 ° C) of water inside the water heater, during which the vegetative forms of microorganisms that are in the water and actively multiply when the device is not used for a long time die.


Automatic maintenance of the temperature in the tank not lower than +4°С.


EWH Smartinverter PRO has a multi-stage security system. A special thermostat prevents the water from heating up above 75°C. A safety drain valve protects the appliance from overpressure, and a safety shutdown device on the electrical cable protects against leakage of electricity.

Display versatility

You can also change the orientation of the display by placing it either vertically or horizontally.

Setting the timer

Now Electrolux water heaters provide the ability to set a timer or delayed heating - the device will independently calculate the time for heating water according to the user's settings, turn on in advance and start heating. Simply set the time by which you need hot water.

Three power modes

The half power function can be selected on the control panel. It allows you to save energy and use the device in rooms with limited network power, such as in the country. By setting the full power, the function of rapid heating to the set temperature is activated.

Intelligent control

With the help of the adjustment knob and the LED display, you can set the desired heating temperature with an accuracy of 1°C. During heating, the LED display will show the current temperature inside the water heater.

Tank lining - Enamel

Outer case material - Metal

Inner tank material - Enamelled steel

Warranty period - 24 months

Country of origin - China

Type of heating element - Dry heater

Wi-Fi module - Built-in

Inverter Technology - Yes

Audio speaker connector - compatible with Electrolux Mini Beat wireless speaker (not shipped to Estonia yet)

Heating element material - Copper

Min. water temperature - 30 °C

Heating power steps, kW - 0.70 / 1.30 / 2.00

Timer - Yes

Thermostat type - Electronic

Temperature setting accuracy - 1.0 °С

Control from a mobile application via Wi-Fi - Yes

Built-in clock - Yes

Smart Memory Mode - Yes

Anti-freeze mode - Yes

ECO Mode - Yes

Display rotation - Yes

Protection against scale and corrosion -  Electronic anode

Protection against heating without water - Yes

Overheating protection - Yes

Pressure Relief Valve - Yes

RCD (residual current protection) - yes

Set of fasteners included - Yes

Placement option - Vertical/Horizontal

Non-return valve - Included

Inlet thread - 1/2 "

Outlet thread - 1/2 "

Network cable - Yes (with plug)

Thermal insulation thickness - 35 mm


Manufacturer Electrolux
Capacity, L (actual volume may be less, see product information) 30
Type of instalation Universal
Heating element Dry
Control Digital

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